Two Easiest Ways to get Dental Coverage:

  1. Call your current Dentist Office and ask them which Insurance company they are "Contracted" with and Contact Us for a personalized quote for that specific insurance carrier.
  2. If you don't have a specific dentist yet, we suggest purchasing one of the plans below.
Insurance Carrier PPO HMO
  See any Dentist you want
Max Annual Benefit Ranging from $500-$2000
Select Dentist from a Network
No Max Annual Benefit
Anthem Get Your Quote Now Get Your Quote Now
Blue Shield Get Your Quote Now Get Your Quote Now
Cigna See Plan Benefits1 N/A
Delta Dental Get Your Quote Now Contact Us for a Free Quote

1 Currently, Cigna does not offer Stand Alone Dental Coverage at this time. You can only purchase Cigna PPO Dental Coverage if you have Cigna Medical Coverage. In 2014, Cigna will offer Stand Alone dental options. If you are a current Cigna Medical Insurance client and would like to add Dental coverage, please contact us via email at